Just Tidying Up a “Bit”. . .

To Whom it STILL Concerns,

Time to take out the TRASH. . . Apparently SOMEONE felt the need to talk trash about me a few days back, by “burying” a comment in a blog I wrote last October. To that person: Congratulations on thinking you know me well enough to talk to me like that. . . Unfortunately you DO NOT. If you  “make light” of the death of my family members or the situation my family and I found ourselves in at that time. . . well, I HOPE that you have made the necessary arrangements with YOURS. . . your loved ones that is.
Regarding the “respect” issue. I don’t have ANY for anyone who writes me anonymously. (I have a good idea who you are) I hope you find whatever it is you’re looking for. Though, chances are, you won’t find it here. I am told the doctor says it is okay to go back on your medication.
Thanks for your concern,


P.S  You  spelled incompetent wrong. . . Have a GREAT DAY

P.S.S. To my REGULAR (less temperamental readers) I welcome comments and will be more than happy to continue to SQUASH them.

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