Nothin’ to say. I like this. . . Star Wars. . .funny


I guess by saying I LIKE this, I am actually indeed “saying” something. Though, I’m not really saying anything of any importance. Though, I think it is important to watch this. Because, if truth be told, I like me a little bit of Star Wars. This made me laugh. I trust it will do the same to you. . . Unless, of course, you are a mindless dolt. . . or don’t like you some Star Wars. By the way, I think the Lucas-Seth Green / Star Wars Sit-com idea is a complete and total disaster-in-the-making. . . So I guess I said some stuff, after all. . . New Bit Soon. . .I’m working on it. . . But I saw this. . . Now you’ve seen this. . . Later


P.S. I DO like Robot Chicken Star Wars Parodies & the Family Guy stuff, I just don’t like Lucas having his hands in anything Star Wars-related, of late. . . I am also defending my stance to absolutely NO ONE right now, so I’ll just show myself to the door. . . Yeah, I know where it is. . . BELIEVE ME

Galactic Empire State of Mind

– Watch more Funny Videos at Vodpod.

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A two idiot explodes a sphere.


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