For the Love of GOD,It’ Ain’t Called “Santa-mas”

(Warning: If I seem like I have a chip on my shoulder. . . I do)

I suppose that the people that say, “Jesus is the Reason for the Season” and “all that” have already got their meat-hooks in you. . . Seeing how it’s just a couple days before Christmas and all. . . That’s a shame. I SO wanted to get “MY” meat-hooks in you first. . . I guess the people that don’t believe in Christmas for the same “reason” that I do, are probably the same people that snatched up the last of the “Zebra-print SNUGGIES”
and “Zhu Zhu Pets”
, just two days before I received my paycheck. Leaving me to scour E-Bay, only to find those items going for as much as $3,000. Ho! HO! NO!

As I grow older and watch the world go “FRICKING NUTS”
this time every year, I can’t help but desperately cling to a MUCH simpler time. Sure, I remember “wanting” stuff for Christmas. I occasionally even “GOT” some stuff. . . However, Dad was a “pastor”. I tended to get a slightly different perspective on the Holiday. I would watch as he would prepare his sermon for the “Big Day”. He would always be so attentive to how the things in our church should be “just so”. I often wondered, as a child, what the “Big Deal” was. The “outside world” was busy doing the whole “Santa” thing. The lights, the TV shows, the shopping, the music. . . But Dad, would kind of sit back and “observe”. He would quietly go about his pastoral duties while the rest of the world would do the “secular thing”. He didn’t mind. He let me believe in Santa, until I “figured it all out” (around age 27). He liked the “Grinch”
and just about ALL of the shows. He enjoyed the music. He even dressed as Santa a couple times, that I can remember. . . But there was always something MORE to it for Dad. . .
I’ve started to realize that the people that get so “bunched up” about Christmas being about MORE than the “Hoopla” aren’t necessarily CHEAP. (Some are, but no more than those around Birthday-time) Without getting overly “preachy” (again, that was my Dad’s job) Since Dad passed away last year (two days after Christmas), I’ve spent some time thinking about how he “dealt” with it. The family still did the Christmas Tree, Decorations, Dinner, Presents and all that. . . But, looking back, I remember Dad would often retreat from the “happenings” and become almost “stoic”. Watching us, as we went about our fun and festivities, but remembering he had a “job” to do come Sunday. . .
Oh, and about that. . .
Last year, on Christmas Day, when I was home to spend those final days with my father, he asked that I light the Advent candle with my mom and sister. He lay in the other room, unable to get up and participate. This was something that I had not done in the years that I had been away from home, let alone with my own family. I obliged. I read the scriptures from the Bible and we lit the candles. We sang some Christmas songs, so that he could hear us. Then my mom, my sister and I joined him for a few moments. . . He was still alert enough to know what was going on and I knew that he had “joined” us from the other room for his “final” Christmas. The mere fact that he wanted to do a little “business as usual” last Christmas, only cemented my faith in what the day was really all about. He “knew” he was leaving us, but it was still important to him. Because he KNEW, that soon he was going to be proven “right” for his faith and service. . .
I sat in church a couple weeks ago for a traditional “Pre-Christmas” sermon, only to be surprised by a few statistics on the “Jesus Prophecy”. My pastor talked about it from a little different angle than I had been accustomed. He provided statistical probabilities on the likelihood of Jesus being able to deliberately set out to fulfill any one of the more than 48 prophecies, spoken of in the Bible. I won’t get into them all. First of all, there are a large number of people out there that don’t “Buy it”. I’ve said before, if people want to go through life without “ANY” faith, that’s on them. . . It’s a crappy way to live, but whatever. I also know that when I speak casually about my faith, that some in the “Christian” community, think I get a little too cavalier with it. But. . . I don’t answer to You. . . (these aren’t all the stats. but there are some good sources out there)
All Seriousness Aside. . .
There are a number of folks out there that don’t feel that the Bible is a “Historically Accurate” reference book. I will never get them to change their minds. I’ve even heard some people say that it is nothing but allegory, fable and fairy tales. . . I guess we’ll see who lives “Happily Ever After”. . . Even if you don’t believe the Bible is a factually accurate book, by merely reading it, what’s the worst that could happen? You might have a “nice” day? You might be a “kinder” person? Like I said. . . Whatever. At the LEAST, I know that Jesus was a righteous “Dude”
, the Son of God (and the fulfiller of A LOT of prophecy – If you’re Jewish, Islamic or whatever – at least you “know” faith) AND all the “Hubbub” going on in the world surrounding December 25th every year seems to have less and less to do about the birthday of Baby Jesus. The commercialization of the Holiday, just makes me want to sit in the corner and find out what the definition of “stoic” is. . .

So To You and Yours, From Me and Mine. . . MERRY “CHRIST”MAS!

‘Til Then . . . Go Figg’r!

Peace Out – Later

(Note: To my Atheist and Agnostic readers. You might want to find something else to NOT believe in. Catch you on the flip-side)


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