Danof89. . . 20 Years of "Not Letting it Go"

I am a “product” of the ‘80’s. Yes, I was born in 1970, but I hold onto the ‘80’s as the decade that really introduced me to “this world” and ushered me in as its POSTER BOY FOR UNDERACHIEVEMENT . I look back fondly on that 10 years of my nation’s decadent, neon-clad, irreverent and often over-accessorized past as some of the best years in my nearly 40 spent on this “Spinning Sphere of Those Not Really ‘Busting a Move’ in Life, like Yours Truly”. And in all honesty, of the 4 decades that I’ve spent on this planet, which would you decide to embrace? The 70’s ? Not only, was the War still going on in Vietnam until kindergarden (and who knows how long after that, according to Chuck Norris and Rambo), but we hated Russia. Russia? The inventors of Boris and Natasha and Ivan Drago? How is that even right? I’m still not really sure about the bad blood between us, but I think it really had more to do with a Vodka embargo and some sort of Russian Gymnast fiasco. Neither here nor there, at this point, as I’m more than willing to call the 70’s a wash. I found it boring. With the exception of a little movie, towards the tail end, that set the 80’s up as The “IT” Decade.

I’m not really sure what generation I really even am supposed to claim. I don’t think I’m Generation X. (Although, according to the Wikipedia, I am – And I tend to not disagree with the information contained in that, as it seems to be compiled from outside sources that could not possibly be filled with as much CRAP as I think they are). I think they are younger and are into more things that involve extreme sports, Raves, mosh pits, and anything else requiring heavy doses of amphetamines or large quantities of Caffeine to participate in(sorry). At the very least, if they aren’t strung out on some sort of “speed” or “upper”, they DO things. And I’m fairly certain MY generation is known as the one that didn’t do ANYTHING. I Know I’m not a baby boomer. I came to be around the time that FREE LOVE, started costing a little bit more. My siblings are “Boomers”. I was adopted as a baby and introduced to a family of whose idea of “fun” was to get married straight out of high school, get a career going, start a family and retire by age 65. Now that I think about it, that sounds like a pretty SOLID plan. I think I got my order screwed up during a job fair my junior year. I FEEL more like a “GEN Y” kind of guy. For the simple fact that, since I was a child, I questioned everything. I know that’s not really the Wikipedia definition or requirement, but it meets MY criteria and I’m really starting to get annoyed by Wikipedia. (They wouldn’t accept “Go Figg’r” as a legitimate entity and said it wasn’t submitted by an objective 3rd party) First of all. They suck! Secondly, I think they REALLY suck! And Lastly, if it’s to be submitted by an “Objective 3rd Party”, I’m not sure I want to be involved anyway. “Objective” sounds like someone has a problem with you, right off the bat, and “3rd Party”? All the COOL kids went to the “1st Party” anyway. The “3rd Party” sounds like the one where we all stood around drinking punch, waiting for our parents to pick us up. Couldn’t even go to the “2nd party”, because my friend’s brother had to work at Burger King and we couldn’t find a different ride. So Wikipedia?. . . Probably invented by a “Gen X-er ” all hopped up on mini-thins and “Jolt” Cola?. . . I retract my submission. You can kiss my butt! I’m waiting for a Gen Y-er to come along and invent a website devoted to debunking and destroying everything you built under the tarp in your backyard, when I thought you were building a “half-pipe”. If my generation can just figure out how the heck we got so screwed up in the whole “priorities” department, we’ll get all over that . . . I’m sure. Now that I think about it. I think I’m somewhere between Generation “X and Y”. What do you call that? I guess you probably call it incredibly confusing.
My Brothers and my sisters are “Boomers”. My kids are like “Z-ers” or something. “Y” probably wants little to do with me. So I get stuck . . . in the 80’s. The decade that could never make anyone upset, except Tipper Gore (she doesn’t look at Al like that) and people that liked “The Edge of Night” (cancelled in 1984). But Oh, the Music. I LIVED for My MTV! I loved David Lee Roth! (in a purely hero-worship, sort of way) I loved checkered painter hats and matching “Vans”. (though I had a Payless Shoes knock-off) I loved my Sunglasses at night (but also during the day, early morning and sometimes around dusk-depending on weather conditions or the lighting in a room). I loved buttons.(Even though I think that was supposed to be more of a girl thing) I loved the TV shows. I loved my MULLET. I loved girls with BIG BANGS. I loved Glam Rock.
You know where this is leading don’t you?
Yes. . . a “To Be Continued”
One of the Best Movie Franchises to come out of the 80’s was “Back to The Future” and did they ever “get my goat” in ’85, with that sequel nonsense. . . I hope I got yours. And I hope you come back. I leave you with a few photos of Danof89 (me) through the years. I hope you enjoy and can see that the 80’s were all about where my “head” (or at least my ‘hair’) has been . . . for 20 years, and No “Letting Go” in sight. I’m a lot like Cher in that regard.(well maybe not a lot. And I only mean about changes in hairstyle – yeah, REALLY) Every other decade pales in comparison. Danof89 has been my “handle” in one form or another since I graduated high school. ’89 was the year and the beginning of Go Figg’r. At least the beginning of what would become my “outlook” on the world we all share. I’m not hanging on to the past. I just like keeping it around for “fun”. Be Back soon with Part 2 and I promise it will be better than that Zemeckis crap. . .
‘Til Then. . .Go Figg’r!
Peace Out-Later

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