New Posts – What are you gonna’ do?

Hey gang! If you are new to Go Figg’r. . .Welcome! If you’re the “retread”, what are you gonna’ do? I was thinking about importing my blogspot stuff to this site, as I thought it might attract a “more discerning class” of clientele. But you know something? Those that read my block on a regular (or irregular) basis know the schtick. (I’m about as low brow as Lou Ferrigno explaining his connection to Michael Jackson’s exercise regimen) To top it off, I’ve added a link to “Go Figg’r” in the lower right corner. Therefore, you will never have to miss an entry of this Top Shelf, Groundbreaking, and might I say, ONE OF A KIND BLOG. You will never again see “My World” the same way again.

So, I may decide to run this spot as a separate entity, in and of itself. This may prove somewhat difficult as I am SO BUSY. What, between juggling my Financial Dealings overseas and trying to keep my kids from stapling my chihuahua to the carpet, I barely find time to make my wife Extremely Happy! So bear with me. There are bound to be some “growing pains”. I may decide to go all “artsy” and introduce new material or even a few guest writers. . . Chances are though, that it’ll be somewhere fair to midland, and more of the same.

Either way, you’re welcome to hitch a ride on the Go Figg’r bandwagon. You can help to start a movement, change the world and become a real productive member of society. . . OR you can read my blog.

Keep in mind, whatever you decide, that my one of my highest goals in life, is to bury Perez Hilton and any other “hacks” out there. But MY SEARCH begins with the Meaning of Life, while keeping an “I” on the Prize! I do not want to become “famous” by being a blogger. I want to become IMMORTAL, for being me!

Thanks for Checking In, I’ll Keep You Posted

‘Til then. . . Go Figg’r

Peace out-Later



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