John Hughes

Where to begin. . .John Hughes was a master story-teller and perhaps the single most influential person to me when I was growing up, next to my parents. Master Story-teller is probably not even doing his name justice. He EMBODIED an ENTIRE GENERATION’S insecurities, confusion, emotion and longing for answers in a way that no other film-maker has or, dare I say, ever will. Celebrities will all have their takes on what the loss means to them, but I want to share a story of what he meant to me. Just another one of you guys.

I’ve shared that as a kid,we moved around a lot. This meant different schools every few years and that, of course, meant trying to make new friends. . . all the time. I fell in love with National Lampoon’s Vacation just like everyone did. The Griswolds were my family and I know that we all have had some of the same types of misadventures.
We all know of his affinity to Molly Ringwald, but it was the relationship he forged with Anthony Michael Hall, that I cleaved to. I was him throughout my adolescence in all his nerdy glory. When I was moving around from town to town I even used my similarity to Hall’s looks and geekiness (in the movies) to tell the new kids that he was my cousin. Sure enough, a lot of the time the kids bought it. But it was the character John infused Hall with that I most identified with. The outcast, the nerd, the smart kid that just wanted to belong. I still tear up at the scene in the Breakfast Club, where the kids are all sharing themselves with one another in the library. Even John’s choice of music for his movies leaves an indelible mark.
John Hughes leaves behind more than a mark. His legacy will forever be preserved as long as their are geeky kids, misfits, outcasts, and even the “cool kids” we wish we had been. The scope of humanity that we can all find within each other. He did what I think we all want to do in life. . .Be more than just the answer to a Trivia Question. He made a difference.
R I P Mr. Hughes, you will be missed

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