I’ll See that "Penny for your Thoughts" and Raise You "My Two Cents Worth"

I’m not a big gambling man. I’ve never really had anything appurtenant with which I was willing to part. To be honest, in order to be successful at gambling, I think you need to be willing to lose something in order to gain more in the end. Up until this point, I don’t think that has been the case in my life. I’ve tried to horde everything I consider MINE and stake a claim to everything else around me that wasn’t nailed down. Some may call that selfish. Some may call that narcissistic. I prefer to look at these attributes as: Good Tactical Self-Preservation and Life-Managing Survival Skills. As it turns out it makes me an Emotional Baggage Pack Rat. It’s all really just how you look at it, I suppose. But from where I’m sitting, “If You Break it You Buy it“, and I’ve got a bunch of junk in my garage, waiting to go in the recycle bin. . . when I get around to it.

So when I sat down to think of yet another in my long list of bits designed to make you, the reader, “Feel a Whole Lot Better About You Situation“, my thoughts immediately turned to . . .ME. What is it I exactly set out to do when I started this blog? Was it to entertain? Certainly. Was it to inform. Undoubtedly. Was it to bring a little slice of happiness to a world that needs someone to step up to the plate and hit a home run for it, because little Billy’s in the hospital and desperately requires a much-needed root-canal? Maybe. I don’t think his parents have very good insurance and Health Care Reform is way overdue.
All Seriousness Aside. . .
If I had to be honest . . .again, (and at this point what do I have to lose?), I’d have to say that I really designed this whole thing to reach “THE MASSES” who, until then, hadn’t been given the opportunity to receive the life-affirming and healing touch that I can and do provide to all those that have the honor of having made contact with me. (Too thick? eh…) I’ve been compared to a “Humor-Writing Wannabe“, a “Humorless Humorist” and (I still don’t get this) a “Perez Hilton Doogie“. Seriously, I like Neil Patrick Harris. He’s a great actor of stage and small screen. Whatever he does in his free time is, other than being tabloid fodder, none of my concern. As far as Little miss thang. . . I don’t attack people unless provoked (except in making this statement) and comments by somebody in a blog more obscure than mine, only lets me know that what “I do”, might be doing some good here after all. So. . .Thanks?
God knows, I don’t have the readership, but those of you that do read me . . . Have Excellent Taste! Good for you!
So, I guess what I’m considering, is somewhat uncharacteristic for me. I talked (on TWITTER, so I guess I TWEETED) to some of you some of the difficulties I’ve had trying to get my BLOG more visible. Trying to become the “New King of All Media” has provided more than its share of setback and presented a whole series of challenges I hadn’t anticipated. I still can’t get (Ctrl Alt Delete) to reset my computer, for instance. The Logistics of this whole endeavor have proven to be overwhelming. And I’m actually fairly intelligent! No REALLY! I wanted to get the website “GO FIGG’R” up and running by now. . . No Go. I was (this close> <) to securing the rights to the entire Beatles catalog. Nothin'. The "Go Figg'r" clothing line and hands free tote bags are on hold until the Child Labor Dispute is settled (I should have never gone through Kathy Lee's dumpster). So I'm kind of at an impasse, aren’t I? (you can just silently concur)
I’ve never been a patient man. No, far less likely to be patient than to go ahead and spin the wheel in life. So in that regard, I guess I might take up a little gambling. I’ve been roasting, my close personal friend Tony Robbins, at every turn since the beginning of this little project. Skewering, would probably be a more accurate definition. However, wouldn’t you know it? Through the course of the last couple of weeks Tony has taken the time out of his grueling schedule of Firewalking and the collection of people’s “hard-earned money”, to reply to some of my Tweets. I said a few days ago on Twitter that I would share a bit of that exchange, so in danger of violating some sort of weird copyright law that I’m not aware of here is a snippet:
Can’t tell you that..I don’t know what your true passion is. but I do know you can find it. read man’s search for meaning” 4change

Okay, so I don’t know why I can’t copy and paste something from Tweetdeck on to this page,but take my word for it. . .Would I LIE to YOU? (please disregard the blog from July 30th – most everyone else did)

Now to offer you a little of the history leading to this exchange, it’s only fair I include 1 of my proceeding Tweets to him:
@tonyrobbins did you know that when you have brain damage one of the first things to go is a sense of sarcasm?TRUE. look it up.
So. . . as a result of what I perceive as the “gauntlet” being thrown at my feet, by the fire-walking, mind-reading, energy-pumping, pulse-pounding, teeth-whitening Guru – to literally tens of hundreds of people. I would like to take up a little gambling, if I may. I’m not really sure if this is going to work, so bare with me. I’ve shared with you folks since day one what my passion is. It is to become a CELEBRITY. Now what that exactly entails or embodies still remains somewhat unclear to me. But, I do want to be SUCCESSFUL. I want to share with you guys what I’ve been up to in regards to my pursuit of meeting that end. I Am a Writer. I Am an Artist. I Am a Comedian (in the broadest sense of the word). So I want you all to take a look at some of the ideas I have for what I hope will “someday soon” be coming to a theater, television or video store near you. . .I hope you enjoy! (look aboveI don’t know how to work this thing)
The GAMBLE, I’m taking is that, because of the size of my audience, (My feed is only getting followed by a couple thousand people) at least ONE of you will be in the position to like what you’ve seen and read over the last couple months and contact me with a reasonable way to reach my OBJECTIVE. Those of you that are not in that position, PLEASE CONTINUE READING! I need the readers! I need the foundation and I Need The CHANCE. I like what I do for a living, as far as that goes. But this is my PASSION. . .This is what I Love to Do! If you think I’m any good, please follow the journey and thanks for your patience on these days when I need to try to “Take Care of a Little Business“. For those of you that get this feed on a mobile or other portable device,you’re killing my numbers! But if you want to see what I’m talking about, you’ll have to check it on the web. It’s not the scribbling at the top of this post. Don’t know who that is. (I don’t know if that’s true with all feeds, but whatever!) Everything I’ve shown has a storyline to it, but you’ll have to contact me for the details. I’ve got to play something close to the vest. I hear artists, writers, comedians and the lot, are a dime a dozen. Well, then I guess your money’s been well spent!
Mr. Robbins? You forced my hand, Big Guy! Whether you knew it or not. I suspect you did. I can hear you following me and I can smell you breathing!
Anybody need me, I’ll be around, cutting my losses. . .
Til Then. . .Go Figg’r!
“The Cause” up the ante!
Peace Out-Later

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