My Most Compelling Case for You Helping Make ME a CELEBRITY. . .

My Family

Thought long and hard about it folks. In addition to the minutes of utter joy and fulfillment I can and do provide to you. THESE are the 5 reasons you should help me to become a CELEBRITY. (Looks like an album cover doesn’t it? Don’t know what group, but I’d say we’d had just about enough of the pier and each other that day), Don’t hold it against them, they’d been with ME all day.
All Seriousness Aside,
I DO have some further “less heart-tugging” examples to share with you in my next post. Actual examples and a quick bio and resume of sorts for your perusal. I want you all to form an educated decision before you surely decide. . . I am the End All to Your Be All!
Peace Out – Later



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