Venice Beach Pt. 2 (And Other Tell-Tale Signs a Storm is On its Way)

So, I’ve decided to return to a second consecutive evening in front of my broken down, scourged and reviled G4 Macinstosh laptop computer to enter some quips, quandaries and observations of another day gone by. First of all, I’d like to start with the fact that my Macinstosh G4 laptop computer, purchased in all good faith from a Best Buy “Expert”, in 2006; as a state-of-the art and top-of-line workspace for the Creative and cutting-edge generation of “will-be” and “can-do” gen-x-ers is a colossal pile of “COW_DUNG”! 

Not only was I unable to spell-check myself throughout the entirety of my first paragraph, I was unable to get a clue that I had made one helluva’ “run-on-sentence”. For those of the 4 followers I have racked up in my first day doing this (provided you’re not family members or ex-girlfriends wanting the old ego-shot) you’ll notice I have a rather frenetic pace to my writing. If I have to backspace or delete more than once in a 15 second window my mind has gone somewhere else. But I digress.
Thanks for those who have asked for a second helping. Although my wife categorically denies this as me checking to see if I formatted it correctly and inadvertantly created 12 new readers. (I did that just now by trying to spell inadvertantely). Man I’m popular! 
But all seriousness aside, I would like to get at the issue at hand. I need to tie up the second part of this spot so that those of you hanging on my every word will get a “Teaser”. That is something meant to bring you back for more, while giving you just a taste of the forbidden fruit known as “My Mind”. Okay I just lost my four followers.
I want to tell, those of you that remain, about the last little bit of my family trip to Venice Beach. How it segued into a real return to “white-trash” suburbia and how I think I finally caught the “BUG” in Hollywood this last go-around. Why I think I can and should make it. Just like a million wretched souls making that “cross-country sojourn of ruin” every year. Why I, at this late stage of life(I’m still in my 30’s) thinks I can make it in Hollywood as a “CELEBRITY”. . . 
Would it be too much if my teaser was a teaser?

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